Microclene Australia - Accessories

Dust Filter - Our white dust filter material is made from fire resistant polyvee glass.

Carbon Filter - Our activated carbon filter material adsorbs airborne odours and vapours onto the surface the carbon pad.

Carbon Filter - Our activated carbon filter material adsorbs airborne odours and vapours onto the surface the carbon pad.

MC760T Spray Tan Filter Pad - Our framed dual density washable filter pad has been designed to catch and hold both wet spray and dry particulates produced during a spray tanning operation.

Dust Bee Gone™ -

Ideal for use in all environments containing fine dust. The Dust Bee Gone mask is designed to work with nontoxic particles, effective down to 3 microns.
Dust Bee Gone conforms to all face shapes, with an adjustable nose piece to easily seal dust out. The ¾” elastic top strap with buckle provides strength and adjustability. For maximum comfort and ease of closure, the bottom strap has a hook and loop fastening. Dust Bee Gone masks are available in various sizes.
Dust Bee Gone is lightweight & comfortable, and won’t fog your glasses, guaranteed. The unique, long lasting filter material is what sets this mask apart from the rest. Our masks can be hand washed and re-used, recycling your investment with every wash.
Manufactured in the USA, Dust Bee Gone comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Literature - Spray Tanning: "Walking in Sunshine" - 2nd Edition

"Walking in Sunshine" a guide to airbrush and HVLP spray tanning covers all application levels of spray tanning. Guiding you through the art of applying a perfect spray tan with countless hints and tips for marketing a successful spray tanning career - mobile or salon based.

It's always a good idea to have a reference book that you can revert back to for future concerns connected to spray tanning - we can all forget important information! Reading a book in your own time before you undergo your training, gives background knowledge on the subject and students seem to be more relaxed when they undertake their training.

Microclene Walking on Sunshine

Covering both VTCT level 2 and Level 3 applications of a spray tan, studied within Beauty Therapy.

Spray tanning is one of fastest growing treatments in the beauty industry as more and more people wake up to the dangers of skin cancer. Thankfully spray tanning has advanced in leaps and bounds, and we no longer need to burn and damage our skin with UV rays to feel sun-kissed. With proven earning potential, spray tanning can be a career in itself or a lucrative addition to a beautician’s treatment menu.

Guiding you through:

  • Science of fake tanning
  • Clear diagram of skin with information how spray tanning works
  • Choosing the correct DHA for the client
  • Equipment with photos
  • Preparation
  • Airbrush spray tan application - pictures with clear instructions
  • HVLP spray tan application - pictures with clear instructions
  • Applying self tanning products by hand
  • Precautions
  • Importance of insurance
  • Importance of good training
  • Contraindications
  • Skin diseases
  • Allergies
  • Patchy spray tans
  • Advice on male spray tanning
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Trouble shooting - equipment
  • Approved Health & Safety, By Environmental Health Officer
  • Consultation & Aftercare information forms
  • In-depth ideas on Promoting and Marketing your business for salon & mobile technicians (over 14 pages)
  • Free solutions directory with discount codes
  • 196 full pages
  • Printed on top quality 150gsm silk paper- for anti-glare.
    and so much more
The Spray Tanning Technicians Bible... be the best you can be!