Microclene Australia - Food

Every manufacturing process creates dust and the food industry is no different. Without proper extraction and filtration, unwanted and undesirable dust elements are diffused during the production stage and airborne microscopic contaminants can continue to settle in the surrounding area for many hours after production has ceased.

The type and size of extraction and filtration equipment is dependent on the type and amount of material being extracted.

Microclene models are available in several different sizes and configurations to suit any layout of the manufacturing plant room and areas of intense localised activity.

Microclene MC 420
Suitable for a 42 cubic metre manufacturing area and is best hung near the centre of the production area.


Microclene MC 1210
Powerful and compact, this filter unit can be hung directly over food manufacturing machinery, or placed in the centre of the manufacturing area. Suitable for an area up to a 120 cubic metres.



For best efficiency it is recommended that your Microclene unit(s) filters the air at least 10 times each hour of operation. The following chart relates room size (volume) to the Microclene model best suited to your needs. Remember it may be necessary to use more than one unit in a particular workspace.

Filtration ratings for Microclene Air Filters
MC 420
MC 1210
Filters 40 m³ x10/hr
Filters 120 m³ x10/hr

Microclene models are available in several different configurations to suit low ceilings, small-enclosed spaces, areas of intense localised activity (engraving or soldering) and areas with a loading of fumes or vapours (spray booths or chemical laboratories).