Microclene Australia - Health & Safety

Health and Safety in the workplace is paramount and unfortunately part of every manufacturing process is the creation of dust. Without proper extraction and filtration, unwanted and undesirable dust elements are diffused during the production stage creating airborne microscopic contaminants which will continue to settle in the surrounding area for many hours after work has ceased.

Microclene Air Filters take in ‘dirty air’, filter it and return clean air to the workplace with no loss of expensive air conditioned air. All types of dust can create health hazards or exacerbate existing health problems. Dust can cause asthma, skin irritation, dermatitis, cancer and many other health issues.

The most dangerous dust particle is the one you can’t see. Microclene air filters will efficiently take out dust down to 0.4 micron. No matter what type of industry or dust:

Acrylic nail dust
Floating hair particles
Chemical Fumes
Paper dust etc

Microclene Air Filters will remove it.

We have supplied air filters to hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, metal grinders, boat builders, hair salons, spray tanning salons, car repairers, racehorse stables, bird fanciers, wood turners, woodcarvers, furniture makers, paper recycling plants, electronic industry, grain stores and many other trades.

Asthma sufferers and allergy sufferers have found the Microclene filters to be of great benefit to their health and wellbeing, not only in the workshop but in the home as well.

To achieve the best protection we recommend that a work area is filtered at least ten times per hour, Health and Safety advice recommends at least 6 times per hour.

Microclene models are available in several different sizes and configurations to suit any layout of the manufacturing plant room and areas of intense localised activity.

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