Remove ‘invisible’ dust from your work or work related storage areas. Filtering 1200 cubic metres of air per hour, this extractor unit will provide 10 air changes per hour to a 120 cubic metre work area.

The MC1210 is best hung near the centre of the room. Not to be used on a shelf or bench.

The MC1210 Air Filter can be used in relation to a number of industries such as:

  • Food Manufacture
  • Pet Grooming/ Stables/ Aviaries
  • Woodworking
    - Carpentry
    - Men’s Sheds
    - School Woodwork Classrooms
    - Building Site Renovations
    - Home Renovations


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Replacement Filter Pad MCF1210
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Microclene Air Filters are available in several different configurations to suit low ceilings, small-enclosed spaces, areas of intense localised activity (engraving or soldering) and areas with a loading of fumes or vapours (spray booths or chemical laboratories).

Technical Details

- 305mm (D), 295mm (H)
- Weight: 8.0 kg
- Noise level: 63 – 65db.
- Filters 1200 cubic metres of air per hour, i.e. 10 complete changes of air per hour to a 120 cubic metre space.
- Construction: Powder coated steel fitted with a Swiss induction motor for longer life.

- Power Usage: 100 watts using single phase 240V domestic power.
- No special installation or ducting required.
- Removes particulates down to 0.4 microns.
- Flash and spark protected motor.
- Manufactured in Hampshire, England.
- Filters: The unit comes fitted with our fire resistant.polyvee glass filter.