Microclene Australia - MC760

Tanning salon and mobile technicians need a high-end air filter that will clear away the maximum amount of overspray. Using the MC760T extractor unit means less mess and cleanup and a healthier more comfortable environment for the technician and client. Without proper air filtration technician and client are in danger of inhaling the fine mist overspray which could cause or aggravate health problems such as asthma and other related breathing problems.

The MC760T has a motor life expectancy of over 40,000 hours and can be used with a mobile tanning tent or in a salon booth. The washable dual density polyester filter is housed in a metal frame to provide maximum life and filter support. The filter is easily removed for cleaning at the end of each day. No special tools required. Simply loosen the easy release knobs on the side, lift the front grill, remove the filter and rinse under the tap until the water runs clear. Leave filter to dry overnight. A spare filter is also included for easy change over. When cared for as directed our tanning filters have been found to last over 12 months.

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Technical Details

- Portable: 300mm (H), 300mm (W), 135mm (D)
- Weight: 7.5 kg
- Noise level: 63 – 65db.
- Filters 760 cubic metres of air per hour, i.e. 10 complete changes of air per hour to a 76 cubic metre space.
- Construction: Powder coated steel fitted with a Swiss - induction motor for longer life.
- Power Usage: 100 watts using single phase 240V domestic power.
- No special installation or ducting required.
- Removes particulates down to 0.4 microns.
- Flash and spark protected motor.
- Motor & electrical fitments encased in waterproof resin.
- Washable Filter: Includes 2 washable dual density polyester filters.
- Manufactured in Hampshire, England.