This spray tan filter is especially designed for use in spray tanning operations, either in the salon or at the client’s home. It is lightweight and portable; requiring only a domestic power point.

The MC760T can be placed on the floor of the spray tent to draw overspray down past the client and to avoid any overspray escaping to damage floor coverings or furniture.

In the salon, the MC760T can be mounted on the MC760T-STS; the filter is held about one metre from the floor of the tanning booth and dramatically reduces overspray and the adverse effects this may have on the busy technician over the working day.

If you are a mobile technician and have an older style tent, optional “wings” (shown in the image) are available that can be attached to the side of the MC760T where the filter flap opening may be a little larger than on new style tents.

Technical Details

- Dimensions 300mm Height, 300 mm Width, 135mm Deep
- Single Speed 100 watt motor (Flash and spark protected motor)
- Dust ingress protected to IP44 standard
- Fire resistant polyvee glass filters