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Everyone wants beautiful nails but the downside is prolonged exposure to a variety of harmful chemicals which make up curing and drying agents, hardeners, MMA, nail dust etc. all of which are quickly airborne and easily inhaled by both technician and client making extraction and air purification essential.

The NSF100 air filter is designed for desk top use in nail salons and is ideal for mobile technicians with a limited work area. It will remove airborne nail dust, odours and chemical fumes such as solvents, oils, etc. The raised design means nail care equipment can be stored under the unit for easy access and maximising space.

The dust and activated carbon filter come in cartridge form. Simply slide out the old filter and dispose to waste then slide in the new filter. No tools required.

Microclene NSF100

Microclene NSF100 Filters

Technical Details:

- Portable: 205mm (W), 170mm (D), (H), 150mm (including foot)
- Weight: 3.5 kg
- Noise level: 63 – 65db.
- Construction: Powder coated steel fitted with a Swiss induction motor for longer life.
- Power Usage: 36 watts using single phase 240V domestic power.
- No special installation or ducting required.
- Removes particulates down to 0.4 microns.
- Flash and spark protected motor.
- Filter: Fire resistant polyvee glass filter married with an activated carbon filter in cartridge form.
- Manufactured in Hampshire, England.