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Microclene MC760T Air Filter
- Can be used as a freestanding unit or can be bracketed to a wall or ceiling.
- Can be fitted with an activated carbon filter to clean the air of unwanted fumes depending on the industry application.


Microclene MC 1210
Powerful yet compact – a great solution for airborne contaminants in large aviaries, stables and feed rooms.

Dog Grooming Parlours

Floating dog hair and dander are the bane of the dog grooming industry. The use of one or more of the Microclene air filters can alleviate this problem entirely. The Microclene MC760T is lightweight, portable and easily taken to a client’s home to use during the clipping process. In the grooming salon, the use of the Microclene filter will reduce cleaning of dog hair and dander from the salon, improve the working conditions of the staff, maintain salon stock Microclene
and equipment in prime condition, and help to reduce the possibility of reaction to the presence of floating hair and dander on staff and clients. Call us for advice on your salon or kennels.


The Microclene MC760T is a lightweight, quiet, ambient air filter which can be mounted on the wall of a stable or holding pen. The MC760T uses single phase domestic 240V electric power. Its rated power consumption is around 78 watts so is economical to operate. The MC760T will remove all floating contaminants down to a mean particle size of 0.5 micros. This takes in most pollens, spores and dusts. Whether vegetable or mineral dusts, if they’re airborne, the MC760T will trap them. There is no need for the stable to be closed for the air filter to work.
The MC760T mounted on the rear wall functions just as well with the doors opened or closed. The MC760T can be fitted with an activated charcoal filter pad to further enhance its performance. With the pad fitted it is possible to remove down to ‘virus sized’ particulates through adsorption on the charcoal pad.
In the feed room where mineral dusts may affect the staff when measuring and blending feeds, the Microclene MC760T or the Microclene MC1210 will remove all floating contaminants down to a mean particle size of 0.5 microns. This will vastly improve the working environment for those involved with stock feed blending. In extremely busy stables it will reduce the potential for a dust explosion by removing floating particles.


The Microclene MC760T is a lightweight, quiet, ambient air filter which can be wall mounted in an aviary or bird enclosure to remove floating particulates down to a mean particle size of 0.5 microns. The MC760T uses single phase 240V domestic power and its power consumption rate is around 78 watts. No special ducting or installation required. Bird Dander, feather particles and bird manure particles are all potential sources of infection and infestation in caged birds. Typically these particles will float

in the atmosphere in the aviary and take hours, if not days to settle to the floor. During this period they may be breathed in by the aviary birds or settle on their feathers to be ingested during preening. Aviary particulates can carry disease and pests from bird to bird. The use of the Microclene MC760T will reduce or eradicate this problem. The machine is quiet in operation and should not affect sleeping cycles or breeding.


For best efficiency it is recommended that your Microclene unit(s) filters the air at least 10 times each hour of operation. The following chart relates room size (volume) to the Microclene model best suited to your needs. Remember it may be necessary to use more than one unit in a particular workspace.

Filtration ratings for Microclene Air Filters
MC 760T
MC 1210
Filters 76 m³ x10/hr
Filters 120 m³ x10/hr