Microclene Australia - Woodworking

Microclene specialises in a wide range of air filters for all wood workers. We have five models to suit all sizes of workshops ranging in size from a garden shed to large industrial workshops. Some extractors are designed to use directly over machinery such as lathes, sanders and saws. Others are designed to remove the fine dust from the whole workshop by being placed centrally near the ceiling.

We can custom design an array of filters to suit the largest work area to remove wood and mineral dusts utilising the concept of vertical shear in an air curtain.

Microclene MC 420
Compact, easy to use and economical to run. An ideal air filter for a 42 cubic metre workshop. Hang directly over machinery or in the centre of the work area. Can be hardwired to a light

Microclene MC760T Air Filter
Lightweight and portable. Use freestanding or mount to a wall or ceiling. Its shallow profile makes it ideal for areas with low ceilings. Suitable for a 76 cubic metre workshop.

Microclene MC 1210
Designed for the bigger workshop - 120 cubic metres. Hang directly over machine or in the centre work area. Can be hardwired
to a light switch.


For best efficiency it is recommended that your Microclene unit(s) filters the air at least 10 times each hour of operation. The following chart relates room size (volume) to the Microclene model best suited to your needs. Remember it may be necessary to use more than one unit in a particular workspace.

Filtration ratings for Microclene Air Filters
MC 420
MC 760
MC 1210
Filters 42 m³
Filters 76 m³
Filters 121 m³